I have Listed some of the sites I keep going to whre I find lots of interesting and updated information.

Charley Kyd’s Excel User:

Office 2003 Excel VBA Language Reference:  Click here

Bob Phillips xlDynamic:

OzGrid’s (Dave Hawley) Excel Forum:

MrExcel’s (Bill Jelen) Excel Forum:

Mark Rowlinson:

Excel-KB (Dennis Wallentin):

XL-Dennis (Dennis Wallentin):

Masaru Kaji (Colo): Excel Q&A Board

Ivan F Moala: http://www/ (WillR’s site):

Excel-It (Roy & Jack’s site):

Andrew’s Excel Tips:

ASAP Utilities:

Debra Dalgleish:

Chip Pearson:

Charles Williams:

Aaron Blood:

Ron de Bruin:

Jon Peltier:

John Walkenbach:

Andy Pope:

Tushar Mehta:

Ole P Erlandsen:

Dave McRitchie:


Patrick O’Beirne:


The Excel Maniacs:

Andy Pope:

Stephen Bullen:

Jan Karel Pieterse:

Ken Puls:

Jethro’s Blog:



– Selva V Pasupathy


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