Contents of this Site

Updated July 27, 2008

  1. Tips on VBA
  2. Create Sheet “Table of Contents”
  3. Add Minimize Button to Userform
  4. Search Folders and Subfolders for files
  5. Explore CommandBar control FaceIds Provided by Microsoft
  6. Create Access Database via DAO
  7. Get FileName with Path from User
  8. Filed under: VBA Examples — selvavpasupathy @ 12:24 am
  9. Connection & Query for data in Excel Spreadsheet
  10. Use of vbScript in Database Applications
  11. Write or Append a Text File
  12. Fill a UserForm Combo Box List from a Database
  13. Read CSV Using VBA techniques
  14. Auto-Generate a File Name
  15. Rename a File
  16. Move a File
  17. Verify that a File Exists
  18. Multiple Cell Concatenation
  19. Get FileNames from a Folder/Directory
  20. Get Cell or Range from User
  21. Resources
  22. Web Forms manipulated by Visual Basic
  23. Write / Read to a Text File
  24. Rename Files using Codes (VBA)
  25. Ken’s Knowledge Base submissions
  26. Process all Files in a folder
  27. Get Input Elements Name & Type from HTML Form
  28. Secure Login
  29. Get elements from HTML form
  30. Handle WebForm via VB
  31. Login to Rediffmail
  32. Hyperlink Elements in HTML
  33. Creating MenuRow for Sheets using an Excel VBA
  34. Export a Text File with Comma and Quote Delimiters
  35. VBA Code Library
  36. Search for a ’string’ in Excel Workbook
  37. Add Sheet Navigation CommandBar to an Excel file or Application


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