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-Selva V Pasupathy, HSBC Global Resourcing, Hyderabad1

The site “www.vbaexpress.com” has been very useful whenever I have taken up any projects. They have provided solution to most of my problems. I would recommend visiting the links to the pages of this site, I have visited site till now….

Access Hiding Access Background and Taskbar ___
Access Change Font on Reports as Specified Andy Pope
Access Custom Cursors bazarov
Access Start Up Splash Screen Brandtrock
Access Form based Web Viewer Brandtrock
Access Log in form Brandtrock
Access Run a .wav file when a button is clicked cmpgeek
Access Rounding Functions (nearest decimal / nearest multiple) Cosmos75
Access Capture the name and description of database objects geekgirlau
Access Save Report as PDF File geekgirlau
Access Disabling Mouse Scroll wheel from advancing database entries Imdabaum
Access Force Dates to Fall on Friday or Monday jamescol
Access Open Specific Excel File Justinlabenne
Access Print a Query in Excel Justinlabenne
Access List all Tables and Fields in an Excel spreadsheet Ken Puls
Access Convert a number to text. Originally developed by Legare Coleman. Kieran
Access Access domain aggregate functions for geometric, harmonic, and quadratic means matthewspatrick
Access Add Interactivity to a Close Application Command Button OBP
Access Round up a value using the Integer or Round function. OBP
Access Stop mouse wheel on form Trevor
Access Modify an entered date to the following business day WillR
AutoCAD Create A Slot Programmatically lucas
AutoCAD Insert time/date stamp into drawing lucas
AutoCAD Temporarily change the running object snap mode malik641
AutoCAD Turn on all layers, then turn layers back to previous state malik641
AutoCAD Change Line and Trace to PolyLine with user defined thickness Tommy
AutoCAD Delete Specific entities from a selection set. Tommy
CorelDraw Change All Arrows to one Standard Arrow malik641
CorelDraw Check if layer exists malik641
CorelDraw Toggle all Uneditable Layers malik641
Excel Show estimated time left in statusbar Ago
Excel Find the pairs of cells of a selected range whose sum equals to a provided value ALe
Excel Avoid Unnecessary Loops through cells ALe
Excel Breaking news on Excel ALe
Excel Automatic Highlighting Using Autoshapes Andrew
Excel Automatic Highlighting Using Conditional Formatting Andrew
Excel Dynamic Data Validation andy_uk
Excel Change Case to Upper Case on Data Entry Anne Troy
Excel Change Case of Selected Text Anne Troy
Excel Create Header or Footer Anne Troy
Excel Clear Data Entry Cells Anne Troy
Excel Add Apostrophes Before Data Anne Troy
Excel Clear Contents on Open Anne Troy
Excel Set Tab Order of Cells Anne Troy
Excel Sort Worksheets Alphabetically Anne Troy
Excel Insert Blank Rows Between Existing Rows Anne Troy
Excel Remove or Delete Underlying Hyperlinks in a Predefined Range Anne Troy
Excel Remove Carriage / Paragraph Returns from Within Cells Anne Troy
Excel Search directory and sub folders for Excel files austenr
Excel Mac: Fetch absolute (w.r.t. monitor corner) position for named window BlueCactus
Excel Charts – Delete out-of-bounds data labels BlueCactus
Excel ListBox Control – Determine the Order in Which Selections are Made BlueCactus
Excel Win/Mac Scalable Calendar Control BlueCactus
Excel Mac: Import / Export VBE Components BlueCactus
Excel Modify UserForm Appearances under Run-Time Conditions BlueCactus
Excel Automatically Adjust Value by a Given Amount Brandtrock
Excel Insert Row into All Worksheets Brandtrock
Excel Quickbooks import preparation – payroll example Brandtrock
Excel Animated Word Art Brandtrock
Excel Using Functions to Get a Range Brandtrock
Excel Simulate a Poker Game brettdj
Excel Add String Text to Existing Cells brettdj
Excel Using Regular Expressions (RegExp) in Excel brettdj
Excel Extract Email Data From Outlook Global Address List – GAL brettdj
Excel Creating a temporary audit toolbar to trace dependents & precedents on a protected sheet brettdj
Excel Highlight all cells in the active sheet that have formula links to other sheets in this workbook brettdj
Excel Methods of repeating a string in VBA – FOR loop not required brettdj
Excel Highlight all cells in the active sheet that have formula links to other workbooks brettdj
Excel Automate Internet Explorer from Excel (google search) brettdj
Excel Log In to an Internet Site brettdj
Excel Delete groups of rows using autofilter with VBA (Delete rows 1-9, 11-19, 21-29 etc) brettdj
Excel Multiple Goal Seek code brettdj
Excel List File Attributes of Directory and Subdirectores brettdj
Excel Prevent users from selecting any cell in a specific range brettdj
Excel Format cells with positive, negative, or zero numerical values in a consistent format. brettdj
Excel Code to move to the same cell in either the next or previous worksheets brettdj
Excel Highlight all formula cells on the activesheet that contain both cell refs and constants brettdj
Excel Code for a self-destructing Workbook brettdj
Excel Return IP Address into cell A1 brettdj
Excel Create a temporary UserForm to show the user’s Colour Palette brettdj
Excel Delete Rows Based on Column Criteria brettdj
Excel Delete then restore all data tables in a workbook brettdj
Excel Extract summary data from closed files brettdj
Excel Replicate the Functionality of the = Icon (Formula Palette) byundt
Excel Display Changed Cells in Red Font byundt
Excel Get Cell Color Function byundt
Excel Find and Replace Entire Words Only byundt
Excel “Autocomplete” using cells from different column byundt
Excel Convert between R1C1 and A1 addresses byundt
Excel Link cells on two worksheets so a change in one is reflected in the other byundt
Excel Prevent named ranges from being deleted byundt
Excel Dynamic hyperlink formula byundt
Excel Set tab order for a worksheet during data entry byundt
Excel Highlight the columns being used to AutoFilter a range byundt
Excel Display and print cells containing more than 1024 characters byundt
Excel Parsing a chemical formula and determining the atomic counts byundt
Excel Hyperlink list of modified excel workbooks CBrine
Excel Fill listbox with redimensionable array Charlize
Excel Autofiltering with date Charlize
Excel Coloring listviewitems based on a condition Charlize
Excel Listbox filled with matching names in sheet two from partial searchstring in sheet1 Charlize
Excel Userform with doubleclick filled with values Charlize
Excel Periodic Payment Based on Specific Initial Dates chitosunday
Excel Rate – User Defined function chitosunday
Excel Simple Payback chitosunday
Excel Using a User Defined Function (UDF) to find and analyse duplicate items chitosunday
Excel PMT function but periodic payments increases yearly or per cut-off chitosunday
Excel Solver Add-in Installation/Reference Through VBA chitosunday
Excel Two Validation List with automatic updating of first data of second validation list chitosunday
Excel Parse a Range Address Into Its Column and Row Components Cyberdude
Excel Remove or Reduce Internal Blanks In A String Cyberdude
Excel Extract and Transfer Paragraphs Dave
Excel UDF for Simple Payback, expressed in Years and Months dcardno
Excel UDF to interpolate and extrapolate from values in lookup tables dcardno
Excel Tornado Charts dcardno
Excel Disable Command Bars or Command Bar Controls DRJ
Excel Generating Random Numbers DRJ
Excel Remove All VBA Code Programmatically DRJ
Excel Print Manager on a Userform DRJ
Excel Display Only Unique Items on a Userform Listbox DRJ
Excel Delete Duplicates In A Column DRJ
Excel Protect or Unprotect All Worksheets at Once DRJ
Excel List All Colors and Their Index Numbers in a Workbook DRJ
Excel Standardize all Cell Formats in a Workbook DRJ
Excel Find and Replace Through All Worksheets DRJ
Excel Define a Named Range DRJ
Excel Disallow Movement of a Userform DRJ
Excel Save File Based on Value in Cell DRJ
Excel Make a Sound When a Cell is Changed to a Certain Value DRJ
Excel Schedule a Macro to Run After a Specified Period of Time DRJ
Excel Disable the X (Close) Button on a Userform DRJ
Excel Add a Minimize Button to a Userform DRJ
Excel Custom Event That Occurs Before Copy DRJ
Excel Clean Up Odd Row Data DRJ
Excel Function To Check If a Workbook Is Open Or Not DRJ
Excel Function To Reverse a String In a Cell DRJ
Excel Cover Error Handling For Several Macros In One Place DRJ
Excel Add Text to Cells Based on User Input DRJ
Excel Example of UserForm Controls DRJ
Excel Insert a Page Break Above All Cells With Specific Text DRJ
Excel Fade Transparency Gradually – Splash Screen – on a Userform DRJ
Excel Custom Dual Progress Bar DRJ
Excel Notify That the Spell Checker Was Used DRJ
Excel Control the Office Assistant DRJ
Excel Reformat Dates to Have the Appropriate Ordinal DRJ
Excel Animation on a Userform DRJ
Excel Select Cells Based on Specific Values DRJ
Excel Calendar Control to Select Dates on a Userform DRJ
Excel Calculating the Dates of Holidays DRJ
Excel Screen Resolution Check / Change DRJ
Excel True Used Range in Excel DRJ
Excel Group All Command Buttons on a Userform DRJ
Excel Group All Toggle Buttons on a Userform DRJ
Excel Use the Status Bar as a Progress Indicator DRJ
Excel Conditional Formatting (More Than Three) DRJ
Excel Break External Links DRJ
Excel Automatically Delete Rows Based On User Input DRJ
Excel Programatically Add Controls to a UserForm DRJ
Excel Calculate Max Between Two Numbers in a Range of Data DRJ
Excel Show a List of Files to Open DRJ
Excel Function To Check If a Worksheet Exists Or Not DRJ
Excel Search and Report All Occurrences of a Word DRJ
Excel Email a Worksheet or Workbook Using Outlook DRJ
Excel Combine All Workbooks From One Folder DRJ
Excel Allow User to Browse for a Folder DRJ
Excel How to use Triggered Events for all Workbooks with an Add-In DRJ
Excel Remove Caption From User Form DRJ
Excel Distribute Data from One Main Worksheet to Several Other Worksheets DRJ
Excel Automatically Fill-Down Formulas for Non-Adjecent Columns DRJ
Excel Convert any Decimal Number from 1 to 1.79769313486231E308 to Hex DRJ
Excel Convert any Hex Number from 1 to FFFFFFFFFFFF1(plus 243 zeros) to Decimal DRJ
Excel Work with a Specific Worksheet that May or May Not Already Exist DRJ
Excel Clear Cells in a Range that May Contain Merged Cells DRJ
Excel Worksheet Protection Manager For Multiple Users DRJ
Excel Remove All Comments from a VBA Project DRJ
Excel Remove all Named Ranges DRJ
Excel Reduce Excel File Size DRJ
Excel Highlight Current Row and Column DRJ
Excel Send Excel sheet as email attachment using worksheet data. Erays
Excel Adobe Acrobat PDF file import Felix Atagong
Excel Floating Navigation Toolbar geekgirlau
Excel Attaching Macro to Emailed Workbook geekgirlau
Excel Set minimum column width for Autofit columns geekgirlau
Excel Redefine All Range Names geekgirlau
Excel Create different Email Messages based on Contents of a cell gibbo1715
Excel Filter a sheet and copy results to another sheet gibbo1715
Excel Multi Filtered search and create gibbo1715
Excel Add custom menu items to the Menu Bar Glaswegian
Excel List all formulas in a workbook on a separate worksheet Glaswegian
Excel Moving files between hard drive folders Glaswegian
Excel Create a custom worksheet by hiding unwanted rows and columns Glaswegian
Excel Open an Outlook Folder Ivan F Moala
Excel Populate Multi-Column ComboBox with Data johnske
Excel Recycle Worksheets with Old or Wrong Entries johnske
Excel Programmatically Add a UserForm johnske
Excel Programatically add & delete OLE button and its code to & from a worksheet (& module) johnske
Excel Follow any path to all your projects folders johnske
Excel Open and search all books in a folder johnske
Excel Download from HTML web-site programmatically johnske
Excel Open web page & search page for keyword(s) from Excel johnske
Excel Delete spreadsheet links to other sheets or workbooks (Leave values and code) johnske
Excel Updating Your Project From A Web-Site johnske
Excel The Find Function Simplified + An Alternative Find johnske
Excel Check for compatibility of Office versions on opening a workbook johnske
Excel Set your workbook to adjust to users screen resolution. johnske
Excel Delete styles from other workbooks in a folder johnske
Excel Working with Union and Intersect johnske
Excel Fine-Tune Userform Start Position johnske
Excel Restore default Microsoft size of Workbook. johnske
Excel Working with multi-selections johnske
Excel Apply carriage-return & line-feed on your worksheet johnske
Excel Basic invoice book johnske
Excel Open book at a given sheet and range regardless of sheet having been renamed johnske
Excel Open any file or application. johnske
Excel Browse & Import Code Modules (Via Macro) johnske
Excel List All Macros in Active Workbook johnske
Excel Delete styles collection – active workbook johnske
Excel Create new style from formatted cell johnske
Excel Use Standard MS Progress Bars on Userform johnske
Excel Save Copy of Workbook Minus Some Sheets johnske
Excel Use a Command Button as Toggle Button johnske
Excel Save All Worksheets As Individual Workbooks In a Special Folder johnske
Excel Enter Date in Selected Cell(s) Using MS Month View Calendar Control johnske
Excel Install or Uninstall ActiveX Controls (.ocx, .dll files) johnske
Excel VBA Code Library (Attachment Includes 75 Working Code Examples) johnske
Excel Hide The Zeros johnske
Excel Move Direction After Hitting Enter johnske
Excel Import notepad and wordpad text files johnske
Excel Position Any Cell Top Left in Window johnske
Excel AutoBackup Workbook (Template) johnske
Excel Change Excel Icon johnske
Excel Catch The Company Spy – Log Dates & Times That a Workbook’s Been Opened johnske
Excel Code Rows Only as Required johnske
Excel Get Userform Metrics johnske
Excel Delete Duplicated Entries In Cells johnske
Excel Run Once Then Delete Code johnske
Excel Run Once Code (With Option) johnske
Excel Hide Empty Rows, Unhide Others johnske
Excel Hide the Gridlines johnske
Excel Used Region Function johnske
Excel Extract Data From Closed Workbooks johnske
Excel Lock Excel if No Activity Then Log-off if Wrong PIN Entered johnske
Excel Concatenate all Data in Range (Function) johnske
Excel Exit Windows – (Log-Off, Reboot, or Shut Down) johnske
Excel Delete Hyperlinks, Links, Formulas From Workbook johnske
Excel Delete Hyperlinks, Links, Formulas From Worksheet johnske
Excel Diabetics Log johnske
Excel Search workbook by regions (Quick-search) johnske
Excel Sample Data Maker johnske
Excel Save Cells Previous Value in a Comment johnske
Excel Navigate Back to Previous Locations in a Workbook. johnske
Excel One Line Find johnske
Excel Set a Trial Period For Use of Your Project johnske
Excel Wildcard search for the wildcard characters * and ? johnske
Excel Email Activesheet in Body of Mail Using Default Mailer. johnske
Excel Force User to Enable Macros johnske
Excel Email Workbook with Message (Uses xlDialogSendMail & Outlook Express) johnske
Excel Sort and Subtotal Justinlabenne
Excel Find Formulas with Comments Justinlabenne
Excel Save Specific Sheets to a new Workbook Justinlabenne
Excel Export Chart as a picture Justinlabenne
Excel Find Column Offset Matches Justinlabenne
Excel Status Bar Messages Justinlabenne
Excel Find and Link to Cells Justinlabenne
Excel Create a Custom Desktop Shortcut Justinlabenne
Excel Clear Recent Documents List Justinlabenne
Excel Determine if a formula is a UDF Justinlabenne
Excel Website Hyperlink on a form Justinlabenne
Excel Achieving Target Value in a cell Justinlabenne
Excel Updated StatusBar Message From Online Workbook Justinlabenne
Excel Read Text File into ListBox Justinlabenne
Excel Show Windows “About” dialog Justinlabenne
Excel Create a Delay Justinlabenne
Excel Print all embedded charts Justinlabenne
Excel Select Program to Open a File Justinlabenne
Excel Prevent Cell Selection / Scrolling Justinlabenne
Excel Change formula reference type Justinlabenne
Excel Prevent Row / Column Removal Justinlabenne
Excel Prevent Sheets Being Added Justinlabenne
Excel Workbook Name Minus the .xls Justinlabenne
Excel Convert Text to Title Case Justinlabenne
Excel Copy Chart Sheets to a New Workbook Justinlabenne
Excel Install Specific Add-in Justinlabenne
Excel List all Checked GUIDS Justinlabenne
Excel Add a sheet with today’s date Justinlabenne
Excel Store Values in a Defined Name Justinlabenne
Excel Store Values in Custom Document Properties Justinlabenne
Excel Remove the Old File Justinlabenne
Excel Faster Page Setup Justinlabenne
Excel Email Link on a Userform Justinlabenne
Excel Last Dynamic Filled Row Justinlabenne
Excel Count Text Cases Justinlabenne
Excel Dynamic Charting Range Justinlabenne
Excel Update Project Workbooks Using Custom Document Properties Justinlabenne
Excel Batch Change Workbook Properties Justinlabenne
Excel Save and Close All Open Workbooks Justinlabenne
Excel Play Different Beeps Justinlabenne
Excel Getting the Username Justinlabenne
Excel Open All Workbooks In a Folder Justinlabenne
Excel List Environ info Justinlabenne
Excel Show The Windows Search Results Dialog Justinlabenne
Excel Test For Selected Cells Count Justinlabenne
Excel Run a Powerpoint Show From Excel Justinlabenne
Excel Clear Built In Document Properties Justinlabenne
Excel Highlight Row / Column of Filled Cells Justinlabenne
Excel Replace Defined Names In Formulas With Actual Cell References Justinlabenne
Excel Check if Worksheet is protected Ken Puls
Excel Count occurances of a pattern of characters (numbers or text) in a range Ken Puls
Excel Create Hyperlinked List of Directory Contents Ken Puls
Excel Create List of Hyperlinks From Selection Ken Puls
Excel Run a macro or function from another workbook Ken Puls
Excel Get the position of the nth occurance of a character within a string Ken Puls
Excel Function to return various Environment Names Ken Puls
Excel Count Files in a directory (All file types or one specific type only, using FileSearch) Ken Puls
Excel Count Files in a directory (All file types only, using FileScriptingObject) Ken Puls
Excel Browse For Folder Ken Puls
Excel Send email using Novell’s Groupwise 5.5 (or above) Ken Puls
Excel Add a VBA Reference Library via code Ken Puls
Excel Remove Missing VBA Library References via code Ken Puls
Excel Determine the File Path or GUID to a VBA Reference Library Ken Puls
Excel Identify the selected item in a combobox Ken Puls
Excel Close the workbook with or without saving Ken Puls
Excel Select specific range when specific worksheet is activated Ken Puls
Excel Select specific range on any worksheet that is activated Ken Puls
Excel Email active worksheet using Outlook Ken Puls
Excel Ensure that cell A1 on a specific sheet is selected when workbook is opened Ken Puls
Excel Identify Selected Item in a single selection Listbox Ken Puls
Excel Remove all cell formating and styles, and restore default font Ken Puls
Excel Remove all cell formatting – Retaining fonts Ken Puls
Excel Convert numbers with trailing minus(es) to real numbers Ken Puls
Excel Force users to enable macros in a workbook Ken Puls
Excel Adjust range to exclude irrelevant cells Ken Puls
Excel Hide or unhide worksheets Ken Puls
Excel Identify Selected Item in a multi selection Listbox Ken Puls
Excel Use Toggle Button To Hide And Unhide Rows Ken Puls
Excel Unprotect all colored cells only Ken Puls
Excel Check if any sheets in workbook are protected Ken Puls
Excel Test procedure run time Ken Puls
Excel Force user to enter a value in a cell before leaving the worksheet Ken Puls
Excel Hide horizontal and vertical scoll bars Ken Puls
Excel List all Built In Document Properties in an Excel worksheet Ken Puls
Excel Eliminate excess spaces from selection Ken Puls
Excel Delete all named ranges in a workbook containing a #REF! error Ken Puls
Excel GetOpenFilenameFrom function Ken Puls
Excel 3 ways to put a cell value in a page header Ken Puls
Excel Disable Cut, Copy, Paste Ken Puls
Excel Create formatted Word table from Excel data range Killian
Excel Create custom right-click menu items Killian
Excel Insert a hyperlink to a Word Bookmark Killian
Excel Using workbook events to control the visibility of defined toolbars/menus Killian
Excel Create a custom “Worksheet Find” toolbar Killian
Excel Converting hr:min to Decimal Hours on the Fly lenze
Excel Mutually Exclusive Cells (Toggling Cells) lenze
Excel Full path and sheet name in Windows caption lenze
Excel CheckBox Alternative lenze
Excel Tracking Changes With Comments lenze
Excel Cell Select / Unselect lucas
Excel Autonumber Cell Value Increase by One on Open lucas
Excel Clear contents of user input range on workbook open lucas
Excel Change Column A and rest of row follows lucas
Excel Click any cell of row for a Checkmark in Column C lucas
Excel Userform Calendar Control lucas
Excel Go To Previous Worksheet / Go To Next Worksheet lucas
Excel User must fill in certain cells before they can close the workbook lucas
Excel Retrieve table content from a web page to Excel lucas
Excel Pre-determined text entered in cell when number is entered. lucas
Excel Filter based on selection in two columns and copy to a new sheet lucas
Excel Loop through selection and act based on cell value lucas
Excel Insert a new sheet each time the workbook is opened lucas
Excel Maximize Excel When Workbook is Opened lucas
Excel Zoom in on sheet when a specific range is selected lucas
Excel Listbox-Show Picture on Click-Select Data on Double-Click lucas
Excel Click Name in Listbox to Select Data in Sheet lucas
Excel Restrict User To 1 Sheet lucas
Excel Delete all ActiveX Controls from a sheet lucas
Excel Directory and File Lister-Includes Sub Directories & Files lucas
Excel Concatenate using first space before address as delimiter lucas
Excel Add Numbered Sheets From Template lucas
Excel Auto Row Numbering lucas
Excel Add/Remove Bullets-Dashes lucas
Excel Copy Updated Sheet From Closed Workbook lucas
Excel Simple Floating Toolbar lucas
Excel Setup & Print All Sheets In A Workbook lucas
Excel Combine All Workbooks from One Folder Skipping Blank Sheets malik641
Excel Add comments to cells by double clicking the cell. malik641
Excel Make specific cell blink based on a condition malik641
Excel Delete unused PivotItems from the PivotTable filter list malik641
Excel Easily open any file, folder, or webpage by using the FollowHyperlink Method malik641
Excel Create the Personal.xls workbook and import files malik641
Excel Terminate a running process. Marcster
Excel Collapse Excel inwards and exit Marcster
Excel Expand into view a Modeless UserForm. Marcster
Excel List contents of the ‘Windows Updates’ history. Marcster
Excel Capture Window Handles, Class Names and Titles mark007
Excel Creating a fixed width textfile from a worksheet mark007
Excel Function to return random sample, with or without replacement matthewspatrick
Excel Create Text Files With Any Delimiter matthewspatrick
Excel Function to Concatenate a Range, with Optional Delimiter, Value Type and Skip Blanks matthewspatrick
Excel Identifying the username (person logged onto computer) mdewis
Excel Create Random Strings mdmackillop
Excel Transpose Data Without Paste Special; Create Link to Original Data mdmackillop
Excel Running Totals and SubTotals of Offset Columns mdmackillop
Excel Find text in Workbook and create link to cells mdmackillop
Excel Sample file to enter standard text in multiple columns from range of data sources mdmackillop
Excel Autonumber invoices in a shared environment mdmackillop
Excel Simplify data entry to restricted columns or rows. mdmackillop
Excel Tidy up your workbook at any time and when you save it mdmackillop
Excel Delete blank rows or columns mdmackillop
Excel Delete blank sheets from the Workbook mdmackillop
Excel Highlight cells where text is displayed mdmackillop
Excel Split text between cells in a column as you go. mdmackillop
Excel Selectively permit access to spreadsheet through choice of password. mdmackillop
Excel Changing printers in Excel mdmackillop
Excel Change page setup (and printers) with userform interface mdmackillop
Excel Create a unique list and count of items from an unsorted list mdmackillop
Excel Sort and adjust named range when data is inserted, deleted or changed. mdmackillop
Excel Search all worksheets for word/phrase and list results with hyperlink to cell. mdmackillop
Excel Fill combobox with ordered list mdmackillop
Excel CheckBox utility mdmackillop
Excel Working with the last data values in Rows or Columns mdmackillop
Excel Create customised random test data mdmackillop
Excel Add date or time to a cell when a row (or column) is updated mdmackillop
Excel Cut and Paste into formatted cells mdmackillop
Excel Using custom format to display text mdmackillop
Excel Query Access database using ADODB and write results to spreadsheet mdmackillop
Excel Consolidate data layout for printing mdmackillop
Excel Photo Handler mdmackillop
Excel Trigger a macro when a formula result changes mdmackillop
Excel Audit formulae as you select cells mdmackillop
Excel Search Knowledge base and return hyperlinks to items mdmackillop
Excel Force the user to enter date in a cell mgh_mgharish
Excel A Countdown Timer mgh_mgharish
Excel Print x copies of Word documents from Excel. MOS MASTER
Excel Get Desktop Address mvidas
Excel Select Multiple Sheets mvidas
Excel Column Numbers and Column Letters mvidas
Excel Create list of “Environ” variables for use in VBA mvidas
Excel Add or Remove a macro from code module programmatically mvidas
Excel Combine All Data From All Worksheets in All Workbooks in a Specified Directory mvidas
Excel Frequency Count of Selection MWE
Excel Sums All Numeric Values in a Selection MWE
Excel Test for existence of a WorkSheet MWE
Excel Shades rows and/or columns in a worksheet for improved visibility MWE
Excel Delete all charts in a sheet or workbook MWE
Excel Create various borders for a range MWE
Excel align (resize and move) charts in a worksheet MWE
Excel Excel sheet sorting MWE
Excel Find First or Last Populated Row in a sheet MWE
Excel Find First or Last Populated Column in a sheet MWE
Excel standardized Excel headers and footers MWE
Excel Sequence Counter MWE
Excel Format cell text under VBA control MWE
Excel Test a range for any kind of data MWE
Excel Acronym Generator MWE
Excel Calculate High-Precision Square Root using Decimal Data Type nitt1995
Excel Difference Between Ranges Oorang
Excel Add Leading Zeros Oorang
Excel Always Paste Special Oorang
Excel Self-Restoring Application Interface Lock Oorang
Excel Replace Function for VB5 (Office 97) Oorang
Excel Flag Unique and Duplicate entries Oorang
Excel create a button with macro from code module programmatically Paleo
Excel Hiding Command Bars and other Excel Workbook Characteristics Paleo
Excel Searching Google by Excel Paleo
Excel Validating an email Paleo
Excel Simulating a Bar Chart Paleo
Excel Customizing AutoSave Programmatically Paleo
Excel Prompt message when inserting or deleting a row Paleo
Excel Create Custom Menu to move to a sheet parry
Excel VLOOKUP for Duplicates – called VLOOKUPnth and HLOOKUPnth petermoran
Excel Encrypt and decrypt strings using a Xor algorithm RichardSchollar
Excel Base to decimal conversion function RichardSchollar
Excel Decimal base conversion function RichardSchollar
Excel Open The Visual Basic Editor Programmatically Scott
Excel Returns All Matching Ranges sebastienm
Excel Ultra Fast Large Scale Replace shades
Excel Color several multi-column sections at one time based on criteria shades
Excel FindAll Method – Extension of Excel VBA Find and Find Next Method shasur
Excel Data Entry – Multiple Column List Box sheeeng
Excel Write Date Time Stamp on Sheet on Save. sheeeng
Excel Write User Name Stamp on Sheet on Save. sheeeng
Excel Protect cell or cells on sheet without protecting sheet Simon Lloyd
Excel Execute different line of code with second click of command button Simon Lloyd
Excel Return to the user’s active cell/selection after code execution finishes Sir Babydum GBE
Excel Merge Custom HTML Email slink9
Excel Combine All Worksheets into One smozgur
Excel Process All Workbooks in a Given Directory Folder Steiner
Excel Create an Index Page or Table of Contents Steiner
Excel Enter Times Without the Colon Steiner
Excel EMail active workbook using MAPI Steiner
Excel Hightlight all protected cells Steiner
Excel Black Scholes Formula thefrasers
Excel Speed Up Excel Startup tommy bak
Excel Querying workbook with SQL tommy bak
Excel Create menu for use in international environment distributed as xla tpoynton
Excel Use a spinbutton to change items in listbox and update sheet that populates listbox tpoynton
Excel Incremental number for saved files tstav
Excel Search for a string in all Worksheets. Navigate back and forth. Highlight cells. tstav
Excel Floating listbox to navigate and handle visible Sheets tstav
Excel Multiline TextBox: Restrict accidental exit while DownArrow/UpArrow through the text tstav
Excel Translate RGB codes to HEX #rrggbb wnazzaro
Excel Create a list of RGB and HEX codes wnazzaro
Excel A Better Sheet Management Function xld
Excel Sorting a range of coloured cells xld
Excel Check If a File Is Already Open xld
Excel Bulk File Copying, Renaming, Moving Template XLGibbs
Excel Copying and Moving files of any type using Excel VBA XLGibbs
Excel Automatic Directory File List XLGibbs
Excel Alphabetized Table of Contents with Toolbar Buttons XLGibbs
Excel Save Filename as Cell Value with Current Date Zack Barresse
Excel Delete Bottom or Last Row(s) From All Sheets Zack Barresse
Excel AutoFit All Columns All Sheets at Once Zack Barresse
Excel List All UserForm Names in Your Project Zack Barresse
Excel Show Formula as Text Zack Barresse
Excel Paste Special: Add – User Defined Zack Barresse
Excel Paste Special: Subtract – User Defined Zack Barresse
Excel Clear Print Area Zack Barresse
Excel Check Cell for Comment Zack Barresse
Excel Auto Refresh Pivot Table on Activate Worksheet Zack Barresse
Excel Paste Special: Multiply – User Defined Zack Barresse
Excel Paste Special: Divide – User Defined Zack Barresse
Excel Display the Sheet Name of a Single-Cell Sheet Reference Zack Barresse
Excel Check if Workbook Open Zack Barresse
Excel List all Color Index values Zack Barresse
Excel Create a StopWatch in Excel Zack Barresse
Excel Prohibit specific cell changes Zack Barresse
Excel Insert Filename and X Folder Levels in Header or Footer Zack Barresse
Excel AutoFilter Column by Color Zack Barresse
Excel Show Sheet Name Zack Barresse
Excel Listbox to Display and Go To Worksheets Zack Barresse
Excel Check cell for a valid “Excel recognized” date Zack Barresse
Excel Check cell for a formula Zack Barresse
Excel Remove Apostrophes Zack Barresse
Excel Loop through all worksheets in the Active workbook. Zack Barresse
Excel Clear cell formats and values Zack Barresse
Excel Get sheet index number from cell reference (Function) Zack Barresse
Excel Get Sheet Name from Sheet Index Zack Barresse
Excel Create a Table of Contents Zack Barresse
Excel Return number of days in a given month; Function Zack Barresse
Excel Function to check for Chart sheet existence Zack Barresse
Excel AutoFit sheet Zack Barresse
Excel Delete Conditional Formatting Zack Barresse
Excel Function to check if workbook is open or not. Zack Barresse
Excel Return Named Range Name from Refers To Value Zack Barresse
Excel Check if Named Range exists Zack Barresse
Frontpage Add Table of Contents Brandtrock
Multiple Apps Change number into complete words, including currency names alimcpill
Multiple Apps Userforms: Passing Variables BlueCactus
Multiple Apps Export Excel range or Excel chart to PowerPoint (linked or unlinked) brettdj
Multiple Apps Add The Correct Suffix To Make Any Number Ordinal CreganTur
Multiple Apps Paste Data From Excel To Word DRJ
Multiple Apps Sorting Arrays DRJ
Multiple Apps Copy Charts and Ranges from Excel to Word DRJ
Multiple Apps Populate a UserForm Listbox in Word From Data in an Excel File DRJ
Multiple Apps Check Server Time DRJ
Multiple Apps Set User Form Position to (Top Left, Top Right, Lower Left, or Lower Right) of the Application DRJ
Multiple Apps Open Any File (Non Office Files as Well) DRJ
Multiple Apps Convert Powerpoint to Word document Emily
Multiple Apps Find Available Times between Appointments for Multiple Users geekgirlau
Multiple Apps Send mailmerged documents individually via Outlook geekgirlau
Multiple Apps Create a dir and save file into it then create two sub dirs gibbo1715
Multiple Apps Programatically call Internet Explorer and link to web-site johnske
Multiple Apps Remove the Ask A Question Dropdown Justinlabenne
Multiple Apps Get the File Name or the Path Justinlabenne
Multiple Apps Push Excel Named Range Values to Bookmarks in Word Ken Puls
Multiple Apps Create an instance of Word Ken Puls
Multiple Apps Check if directory or file exists (using VBA, not FSO) Ken Puls
Multiple Apps Browse For Folder (using FileDialog method) Ken Puls
Multiple Apps CheckProcess mark007
Multiple Apps Get the File Name or the Path mark007
Multiple Apps Automating Outlook to Send an Email with an Attachment mark007
Multiple Apps UDF wrappers for RegExp Find and Replace methods matthewspatrick
Multiple Apps Function to return whole years, months, and days between two dates matthewspatrick
Multiple Apps Function to Find the date of the ‘Nth’ Weekday of a Given Month matthewspatrick
Multiple Apps Convert Local Date/Time to GMT (Supports Daylight Saving Time/Summer Time) matthewspatrick
Multiple Apps Function to Remove either All Numeric or All Non-Numeric Characters from a String matthewspatrick
Multiple Apps Functions for the Sum, Minimum, and Maximum of ANSI Characters Values in a String matthewspatrick
Multiple Apps Functions to return a loan amortization schedule in an array matthewspatrick
Multiple Apps Function that replaces special characters with “regular” Roman characters matthewspatrick
Multiple Apps Loop through all/selected files in a folder and its subfolders mdmackillop
Multiple Apps Return BuiltInDocumentProperties for use in code mdmackillop
Multiple Apps Save Settings to the Registry mdmackillop
Multiple Apps Browse the folder of your active document or workbook mdmackillop
Multiple Apps ProperCase with custom delimiters mgh_mgharish
Multiple Apps File System Object Move a File to another location MOS MASTER
Multiple Apps Convert array to delimited string MOS MASTER
Multiple Apps Progress bar using IE mvidas
Multiple Apps Save Internet File using XMLHTTP Object mvidas
Multiple Apps Set multiple variables to Nothing mvidas
Multiple Apps Remove All Hyperlinks From Selection MWE
Multiple Apps Create a string containing array values MWE
Multiple Apps Parse individual words in a text string MWE
Multiple Apps Sorting an array with multiple dimensions (matrix) MWE
Multiple Apps Determine the current local path for an application MWE
Multiple Apps Remove (undesired) repeated characters from target string MWE
Multiple Apps Count words and characters in a selection MWE
Multiple Apps Radian to degree and degree to radian conversion functions MWE
Multiple Apps Alternate MsgBox function with improved text display MWE
Multiple Apps Converting between degrees in decimal format and degrees in Deg/Min/Sec format MWE
Multiple Apps ISO Week Number MWE
Multiple Apps Functions for converting periodic values to their equivalents in their base period. MWE
Multiple Apps string array search function MWE
Multiple Apps File saving with embedded version or date MWE
Multiple Apps Test if “X” is between two values, X1 and X2 MWE
Multiple Apps Tests for illegal characters in file name, directory name, xlsheet name, etc MWE
Multiple Apps Test if “X” is in array “A” MWE
Multiple Apps PC Speaker Beep Oorang
Multiple Apps Resolve System Environment Variables in FilePath Oorang
Multiple Apps Command Line from VBA (DOS Prompt Commands) Oorang
Multiple Apps Start web page that requires password (Log onto gmail) Oorang
Multiple Apps Check, if a RAS/Internet connection exists Paleo
Multiple Apps OK or Cancel InputBox Steiner
Multiple Apps Show Userform by its name Steiner
Multiple Apps Get String between quotation marks Steiner
Multiple Apps Determine if a folder exists using the File System Object (FSO) xCav8r
Multiple Apps Determine if a file exists using the File System Object (FS0) xCav8r
Multiple Apps Store in an array the number of occurences (and positions of) strings within strings xCav8r
Multiple Apps Add trailing path separator (slash or colon) as necessary to folder path xCav8r
Multiple Apps Convert Column/Feild Names to Cell References for Populating reports XLGibbs
Multiple Apps Hide the Windows Taskbar Zack Barresse
Multiple Apps Clear Windows Clipboard Zack Barresse
Multiple Apps Check if Excel workbook is open Zack Barresse
Multiple Apps Show Windows Character Map Zack Barresse
Multiple Apps Send a file to the Recycle bin zilpher
Other Quick Append Feature mdewis
Outlook Automatically Save, Remove, and Comment incoming email attachments Charlize
Outlook Create task or calendaritem based on open e-mail Charlize
Outlook Clear Flags and Move Select Messages DRJ
Outlook Save Emails From Outlook To Hard Drive DRJ
Outlook Automatically save and print attachments Killian
Outlook Auto-Create Contact Items from Email Recipients (To, From, Cc, Bcc) matthewspatrick
Outlook Print and delete emails; check for attachments before deleting mdmackillop
Outlook Dynamically add button to E-mail toolbar MOS MASTER
Outlook Find and Replace Address Entries Oorang
Outlook Mail Notification for different folders Steiner
PowerPoint Notes from slides into text document Brandtrock
PowerPoint Add Slides and Text to a Slide DRJ
PowerPoint Make code run as slide show starts John Wilson
PowerPoint Enabling application events Killian
Visio Create table of contents Brandtrock
Visio Change the font size of all shapes at once Brandtrock
Visio Shape size and location list Brandtrock
Visio Export all Visio pages as HTML Brandtrock
Word Create a Timer in Word Anne Troy
Word Default Open View Anne Troy
Word List Bookmarks in a Document Anne Troy
Word Pasting as Unformatted Text Anne Troy
Word Move Pages by Selecting One Page at a Time Anne Troy
Word Autonumber a Document Anne Troy
Word Print Current Page Anne Troy
Word Open Document in Full-Screen Mode Anne Troy
Word Google search on selection from current document Brandtrock
Word Animated Word Art Brandtrock
Word Create and Print an Envelope DRJ
Word Create Toggle Button for a Command Bar DRJ
Word Remove Header Images Before Print DRJ
Word Separate a Document by Headings DRJ
Word Automatically Save a Copy of a Document to the A: Drive DRJ
Word Search and Report All Occurrences of a Word or Phrase DRJ
Word Color Certain Words for Spell Checking DRJ
Word Save Each Mail Merge Document Separately DRJ
Word Email a Document Using Outlook DRJ
Word Insert All Documents From a Specified Folder DRJ
Word Tag All Instances of a Selection EricFletcher
Word Return to Last Location fumei
Word Conditional Dropdown Form Fields fumei
Word Extract Comment Text and Place as Footnotes fumei
Word A full featured Bookmarks utility fumei
Word Word: Toggle the visibility of a table based on a checkbox value fumei
Word Print only pages with revisions fumei
Word Starting Word with template of your choice fumei
Word Find out what cells in a table are selected fumei
Word Create floating toolbar listing all document bookmarks geekgirlau
Word Remove Personal Information From File gilbar
Word Process All Documents in a Specified Directory Folder Including Subfolders gilbar
Word Save Document with Date on Close Graham Skan
Word Split document into multiple single-paged documents Graham Skan
Word Default Page Setup Setter johnske
Word Footer with Path and File name, Date and Time JOrzech
Word Remove all Hyperlinks Justinlabenne
Word Extract sentences containing a specific word to excel file lucas
Word Create a Directory File Listing lucas
Word Insert/Remove Watermark lucas
Word Eliminate Multiple Spaces lucas
Word Delete Textbox if it contains a pre-defined word lucas
Word Split file into multiple documents using chosen delimiter and filename lucas
Word SaveCopyAs Workaround for Word lucas
Word Add Quotation Marks To Selected Text lucas
Word Extracting AutoText entries without manually clicking the options lynnnow
Word Collapse Word’s window upwards, then exit. Marcster
Word Check Fonts Used in a File Mark O’Brien
Word Adding Paste Special to the Right-Click Menu mark007
Word Update All Fields mdmackillop
Word SpellCheck Before Print mdmackillop
Word Stretch Text to Fit – Height or Width mdmackillop
Word Automating Mail Merge mdmackillop
Word Userform Examples for Fill In and Print mdmackillop
Word Assisted spell check for visually impaired mdmackillop
Word Selecting from multiple printer options mdmackillop
Word Paste block of cells into an existing table mdmackillop
Word Create simple mailmerge mdmackillop
Word Automate saving the new document produced during a mail merge mdmackillop
Word Print Macro to switch printers mdmackillop
Word Replace paragraph marks with SpaceAfterParagraph settings mdmackillop
Word Create list of running tasks mdmackillop
Word Autosave document at selected intervals or run other code at intervals mdmackillop
Word Step through bookmarks in a document mdmackillop
Word Add extract of files in a folder with hyperlink to same mdmackillop
Word Clear the contents of the clipboard MOS MASTER
Word Check for Bookmark Name With Custom Right-Click Menu MOS MASTER
Word Play sound file with VBA MOS MASTER
Word Close all open Word documents and quit Word MOS MASTER
Word Display email item with content of document or attach it. MOS MASTER
Word Get contacts data via DAO to document MOS MASTER
Word List all available Font names with example text in table. MOS MASTER
Word Update fields in header and footers MOS MASTER
Word Disable “add row” feature in table where “Tab-key” in the last cell adds a new row. MOS MASTER
Word Add Keybinding to document to launch Macro MOS MASTER
Word Convert Shape to InlineShape and vice verca MOS MASTER
Word Get filesize of document in kilobytes MOS MASTER
Word List all Autotext entries from Normal.dot MOS MASTER
Word Check if file is opened by another process MOS MASTER
Word Insert Picture from Picture dialog MOS MASTER
Word Open Document In Print Preview MOS MASTER
Word List document properties in table MOS MASTER
Word Fill first page footer MOS MASTER
Word Replace text in all formfields MOS MASTER
Word Add dummy text to your document MOS MASTER
Word List all AutoCorrect entries in new document MOS MASTER
Word Mark all empty cells in table MOS MASTER
Word Read Full Content Of Text File (Fast) MOS MASTER
Word Clear Most Recent Used File List MOS MASTER
Word Create A Copy Of The Active Document MOS MASTER
Word Convert Table To Text And Convert Text To Table MOS MASTER
Word Dropdown Form Field 25 limit list workaround OTWarrior
Word Change Header in a Batch of Files R_Rajesh
Word Custom Menus and Toolbars smozgur
Word Remove All VBA from Document smozgur
Word Process All Documents in a Specified Directory Folder Steiner
Word Insert Text into Bookmarks Steiner
Word Get Line and Paragraph Number Steiner
Word EMail active document using MAPI Steiner
Word Spell check only form fields on a protected document TButhe
Word Export Word Tables to CSV file and import to Access Tommy
Word List Form Field Names in Separate Document TonyJollans
Word Print All Open Documents TonyJollans
Word Apply Formatting to Quoted Strings in a Document TonyJollans


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