Downloads from

Downloads from

The Name Manager An excellent utility
to manage defined names in your workbooks.

(Added an Excel 2007 version on Dec 19 2006) eases searching and replacing
throughout an entire workbook. Also enables you to search and replace strings
in objects such as headers and footers, chart titles, buttons and many, many
(Build 108, 13 April 2007, 891k, Downloaded: 12674 times) New in build 103 of Autosafe: Auto-update!!
Version 3.5 of Autosafe enables use in environments
with long paths/filenames. The standard Autosave
(note the spelling) utility that ships with Excel just saves workbooks at a set
interval, overwriting the file on disk. This is not very convenient if you
planned to leave the master file intact and save the changed workbook using a
different filename. It also does nothing to simplify recovery of
unsaved/changed documents after a system crash. This Autosafe
utility creates copies of open workbooks at regular intervals in a separate
(user-selectable) directory. It does not overwrite the master file(s), that is up to the user to do, using normal methods. As
soon as a workbook is closed the backup copy is deleted from the backup
directory. If an abnormal termination of Excel occurs, the backup copies remain
on disk, and Autosafe finds them the next time Excel
is started and presents recovery options to the user. Includes the following
languages: English, Dansk, Deutsch, Español, Français, Indonesia, Italiano,
Nederlands, Norsk, Hrvatski, Slovenščina.

The previous version is still available:  
(13 January 2003, 228k, Downloaded: 1171 times) Note that this one shows a nag
screen on networked computers. (8 February 2005, Downloaded: 3857 times)
Version 1.0 build 003.

Sometimes one has to edit a large
workbook, with many worksheets. This tiny utility keeps a record of the ranges
you have visited and gives you the opportunity to return to previous selections
using two hot keys: control-alt-p to go to a previous selection and
control-alt-n to go to the next. It also creates a toolbar with a dropdown to
select a previous selection and  to
disable/enable the utility.
(28 January 2008, Downloaded: 984 times) Version 1.0 build 006.

Managing headers and footers in Excel
can be a drag. This little tool helps you to change headers and footers in your
files easily by means of a toolbar that shows dropdown/edit boxes in which you
can type the header/footer codes directly or select them from the list of
currently present header/footer codes in your file.
(Updated May 5, 2008, Downloaded: 5559 times)

If you have created a nice add-in (see this article
how to do that), a setup utility is an easy way for your users to install your addin. This free utility just needs you to change 4 cells
to roll your own setup file.

Update: Now automatically removes
invalid addins from addin
list (courtesy:

(Updated February 19, 2007, Downloaded: 3262 times)

If you have created a nice add-in (see this article
how to do that), an updating
is an easy way to ensure your users get any bugfixes
you did automatically . This download demonstrates how
you can implement this functionality in your addin. (14 May 2008, downloaded: 651 times)

For a project I needed a quick way to
display the content of an array to the user. I didn’t want to use a worksheet,
but opted for a userform. The data I wanted to show
was contained in an array. So I figured I’d put a listbox
on a userform and make sure the column widths of the listbox resize with the data I want shown. That proved far
from easy… See this
on how it works.
(02 June 2008, Downloaded: 307 times)

A demo file that handles #Name! errors for workbooks that use UDF’s
that reside in an add-in. See this article on how
that works. (Beta!,
Downloaded: 5025 times)

This utility has been developed together with Dick Kusleika.
It eases the editing of queries. One can:

1. Edit the SQL string and the connect string of queries

2. Add parameters

3. Change the path to the data source

All in a single dialog. (build 026, 6 Aug 2007, 260k, Downloaded:
6535 times) This utility makes backup copies of VBA
components to a user-defined directory. It keeps a user selectable number of
copies of each component. It thus keeps a number of generations of your code as
your work progresses, enabling you to return to a previous copy when things go
wrong. Because it just exports the VBA components, it is unobtrusive because
this process is relatively fast compared to saving your workbook or document.
Excel and Word version included!! (Version 1.0, Build 001, 12 April 2007, 634k,
Downloaded: 1488 times) This utility enables you to do
Search and Replace operations in the Visual Basic Editor of Excel. What is
special about this tool is that you can search for multiple lines of code and
replace with multiple lines of code.
(Version 1.0, Build 007, 05 Oct 2007, 56k, Downloaded: 1597 times) This utility enables you to copy the components from the VBAProject of workbook A to Workbook B
Build 004: Existing modules are removed before copying.
(Version 1.0, Build 002, 12 May 2007, 56k, Downloaded: 2437 times) Lists
objects, properties and methods of the selected object and enables you to
quickly build code that uses many properties of an object. See the ObjectLister
for more information.
(10 November 2000, 7k, Downloaded: 8405 times)
Automates the process of creating graphs from database-like datasets, where you
need to chart various columns against each other in x-y scatter charts to
determine relationships between them. It consists of a sheet where to copy the
data into and a sheet that holds the chart and some spinner-buttons to control
which data are charted.
(May 1, 2005, 5K, Downloaded: 3869 times)
Demonstrates a method to chart a mathematical equation using just defined
See this
for an explanation.    
(17 June 2005, 26k, Downloaded: 3413 times)
Demonstrates a method to handle the events for multiple controls on a worksheet
using a single class module. See this article
for an explanation.
(17 Dec 2007, 21k, Downloaded: 788 times)
Demonstrates how to intercept paste operations in a workbook to prevent users
from wrecking your validation. See this article for an
(8 March  2006, 24k, Downloaded: 3067 times)
Demonstrates a method to enable the user to undo changes made by your VBA code.
See this article
for an explanation.    
(9 February 2006, 25k, Downloaded: 3220 times)
This workbook simplifies looking at data in a sheet with a lot of columns. It
shows the value of a cell on the same row in a column one can enter in a
textbox. This way you can scroll all over the sheet and always (e.g.) have the
value of a cell in column BE in view. Start the watcher by opening the file and
using its entry in the Tools menu.    
(4 May 2006, 26k, Downloaded: 4226 times)
This workbook demonstrates a bug in the VBA Application.InputBox
function as described here.
The workbook also contains a userform and sample code
to work around that bug.    
(8 February 2001, 10k, Downloaded: 6334 times)
This workbook demonstrates a trick to pass (range) arguments to defined name
formula’s. As published in David HagersEEE #9, available from John Walkenbach‘s web site. See
the Excel names
(29 Jan 2003, 810k, Downloaded: 7128 times)
International versions of Office have the menu system in their local language.
Also the Excel worksheet functions are (mostly) listed in local language. This
complicates communication with the users with such a version. To aid in this
process a utility has been devised that creates and shows a translation list of
the Excel built-in command bars and controls and the Excel worksheet functions.
This workbook can also list command bars of other Office software packages. It
thus enables the international user who is using a different language version
of Excel to quickly find translations for sequences of menu commands and
function names.


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