Junk Files

– Selva V Pasupathy

  1. Userform Demonstrating RGB Color Values
  2. Charts on UserFor…
  3. color.xls
  4. Form_With_no_title Bar
  5. ppong.xls
  6. rgb_color_value.xls
  7. Save_Userform_as_…
  8. StatusForm.xls
  9. transparent_userf…
  10. Views.xls
  11. RGB Chart by Red, Green, & Blue values
  12. Input Form (Vishal)
  13. Zip File – Input Form (Vishal)
  14. Medical Details TestForm
  15. Status Form Temp
  16. Using WebBrowser on a form
  17. File to save Codes as a separate text file
  18. Read Text File into a ComboBox
  19. VishalForm updated October 16, 2008
  20. How to use Userform & various controls & code it interactively
  21. Webbrowser Example on Userform
  22. UserForm Demo with scrollable frame and fixed un-scrollable userform
  23. Create ColorPalette at runtime and pass that palette to activeworkbook (Amazing)
  24. Publish WordPress Post from within Excel with the use of userform and automation of internet explorer
  25. Convert String to Binary codes
  26. Modify Shapes through User defined function.
  27. I don’t know how this works!.
  28. Site URLs for Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals for various applications (xls file)
  29. Search for Files (with file extensions) in Folders & subFolders
  30. Create Userform & add Controls, & name,size,align, & position it in userfriendly way – underconstruction
  31. Employee Leave Planner – Calender on Userform (Under Construction)
  32. Style Manager Excel Addin (Downloaded from www.ablebits.com
  33. List of All URLs and Hyperlinks for all Pages in socko.wordpress.com (updt 12/21/08)
  34. Recursive Directory Search Using FileSystemObject in Excel
  35. Employee Leave Planner updated 12-26-08
  36. An example of Implementing Countdown Method on UserForm.
  37. Custom Data Entry Application
  38. Data Entry – Database Excel File
  39. eBook by Category
  40. PowerPoint show with unlimited content in Excel workbook
  41. Sudoku Solution Helper Excel File

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